Magazine Madness



Why I avoid taking my daughters to the grocery store...

 I could post this image and shut up, but I'm a writer, so I'll comment briefly. 

I actually L'dOL when I saw that Real Simple magazine in the mix — PEACEFUL SEASON?! As long as you don't stand in grocery store lines contemplating just how far your body is from what it evidently is supposed to be.

I have 2 beautiful girls, 14 & 11, at the time I'm writing this. Short of starving themselves, living in a gym, and possibly undergoing plastic surgery, they will never look like the women on the covers of the magazines. 

I had the delicious thought of taking a can of spray paint and skipping down the aisles covering every last bare butt, perfect breast, and veneered smile just to make a point. I'm tired of it. Aren't most of us tired of it? I wish I knew how to stop it. 

I would like to start a petition among all the women in our nation — sign it and agree that you will not ever again spend a pretty penny on a magazine with an airbrushed cover promoting a false sense of beauty, creating shame, or identifying women by their body parts. Because you know what? If people weren't buying these magazines, they would no longer be starting at us every time we buy our eggs and milk. 

Anybody with me? 

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