What to give man?



What to give an Elephant?

The Universe (or God if you believe so) provides everything, how can we own it?

Give man seed, he will farm...

He will use what he can to his advantage for this lifetime, 

With only half the knowledge of what good or bad may come of it.

Give land to build a house — he will build...

He will build anything that makes him feel security, after all security is essential if you are to sow a seed successfully. 

Give man tools to hunt the meat — he will eat and eat...

And what else might he manipulate his tools into? — are they weapons?

Give man medicinal plants — he will make his own...

They might make him ill, but they are safer than the unknown natural plant based remedies- for some of them are deadly. He might...  become so scared that nature could poison him, that he poisons himself, looking deep into what else might he be able to manipulate from nature, in order to find cure for his newfound toxins.

Give man a woman, and a woman a man...


They might try to own each other, through social rules rather than love itself. Those man who learn to understand can make peace with this.


Is this what Religious texts mean when they say men will try to play God — or will be greedy, or foolish!? 

The land had everything man needed, it was provided....

But once we felt we needed the houses, and needed the farms, and forgot to be grateful for all we have we sold ourselves lies. If we had love we would share more until we had nothing but happiness. 

Give him selfishness or worry and he will learn to hate, give them education to keep peace in the system and the state.


Give man something to learn — he may forget it when he learns something new....give it to an Elephant: 

Seed — he might plant a tree and provision the soil

A house — ''what do I need this for, I can cover myself in dirt, there is no need to keep a tidy home, In here I am trapped — not free''

Tools to hunt —  he would farm plants, it's much more efficient, and humane 

Medicinal plants — he would use them only when he needed, and know what was more important to farm was the healthy food

Give an elephant a companion — he will make it part of his heard. He will cherish the companion and the wider family, and put his life on the line for it.


The Elephant is naturally educated!!!


Give man a system, he will want to improve it,

Give him education there could be peace,

But give him money he will feel he needs it,

And things might become blurred between how mankind can truly unite. He might tax the land of the people locally, to provision a local system when a global system could be peaceful. Logically now, he needs it, to buy the healthy food, to provision his young, to create what makes him happy — but he does not feel the logic, because like the elephant he has not truly forgotten. 







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