God's not dead 2 ( He is alive )



Film review

This movie opens up with a typical school morning for an American teenager.

Meet brook

She argues with her parents then goes to history class. 

She has a fairly turbulent home environment. 

Her brother has recently died and she's trying to deal with his death. 

She asks her Christian teacher how she gets through the difficulties in life and she says Jesus. 

When her brothers things are cleaned out by the salvation army one of the workers finds her brothers bible and saves it for her.

 He had secretly been converted before he passed on cos both their parents are atheists. 

It is ironic they wanted to raise their kids to be open minded free thinkers yet as soon as their daughter  wants to hang out with her Christian teacher they kick up a storm. 

 She pointed out that the teaching of gandhi,  and Martin Luther King    and Jesus have similarities as they all promote non violent resistance. 

 Her teacher grace Wesley quoted the bible in a non christian school ironically named in honor of preacher and doctor Martin Luther King. 

 Grace was appointed an atheist lawyer who initially was opposed to representing her.

 She insults him  and he takes it as a compliment 

 The girl who asked a question about Jesus in class risked being  known as someone  who despises opportunities in life cos  she would rather hold her head up high in integrity than dip it low in shame.

 Grace gets a chance to apologize to the school but she refuses to listen to their unreasonable demands so they take her to court.

 Her teachers union representative and principal boss are both opposed to Christianity although her boss weirdly attended a church service she'd invited her too.

The a.c.l.u   represents brook in court and tries to bribe her parents with the lure of a scholarship at Stanford for brook.

 Her aunt amy is in remission from cancer.

She receives a spiritual boost from Michael tait of newsboys and dc talk fame who reminds her of Gods miracle working power and of all those people fighting alongside her on their knees for her niece's teacher to get justice. 

 God draws brook to go to the church of the pastor who was on her teachers trial jury before he collapsed suddenly before the court was in session. 

She is led to the Lord by an Asian student from a country where it's dangerous to be a Christian who is a student of that pastor. 

His family disowned him when he said he was a Christian. 

  The African pastor who is working for /with the pastor encourages amy in her walk with God. 

Brook organizes for many young christians to show up at her teacher's place and sing how great thou art.

What finally convinces the jury to let grace off the hook apart from lee strobel and cold case for Christ's hard evidence for christ's existence  ( as former atheists turned spiritual sleuths being former lawyer and forensic detective respectfully ), was the deep personal conviction of her passionate love for Jesus ever since she passed a sign on a church as a youngster and heard the voice of Jesus screaming from somewhere beyond herself yet resonating deep within her spirit who do you say i am?

Like her apart from my best friend and the creator of the universe my only possible answer is you are the Christ or savior the son of the almighty living God who conquered death and gives us every passing breath. 

10 out of 10 stars 🔯🔯🔯🔯🔯🔯🔯🔯🔯🔯













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