The elusive love



Taken from my blog, I wanted to repost this here to see what people have to say about it. Nothing major, just an observation I made after a bout of sadness post a relationship that didn't work out.

“I always figured I would meet a guy, fall in love, and that would be it. Ugh! When did it all become so complicated!?”….. this line that Rachel says in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. so defines most of our lives right now.

It all seemed so simple when we were teenagers, right? Life was a friggin fairytale with flowers and candies, 20-buck-coffee dates, and silly, cheesy movies with popcorn-and-soda sharing being the actual intention (just to see if there are any sparks). Studying seemed to be such a waste of time, and there was such a thrill in bunking lectures and going out for a bite.

Romance was a novel concept then, to be thought of only with the heart, because what responsibilities did we have. Our parents were taking care of everything, so there was nothing to bother our heads about.

And then reality set in, college was over, the talk of responsibilities came up…, money, getting settled …… blah blah blah. And romance became a silly dream. When did it all become so complicated? When we grew up? The so-called love that was so accepting, unconditional, and without any deal breakers became a contract, or a checklist, where all the requirements and conditions needed to be checked off.

It is so sad, that now, when we are old enough or mature enough for commitment, that commitment is hard to find. It is always an inverse proportion. The older we get, the more elusive it becomes. Or rather I feel that we become more careful, more fearful. The thought of spending our lives with someone who has certain traits we can’t live with – well it frankly scares the shit out of me.

Or maybe it’s the previous generation, during who’s time marriage was such a big deal that everyone had to do it, no matter how unhappy or undesirable, or whatever. Maybe that level of compromise is difficult for us to do.

Whatever the reason, that question still keeps coming up. “When did it get so complicated”? Why can’t we just meet someone and that would be it. Why does even love require so much efforts just to find?

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