Philadanco's Global Artistry



Choosing to embrace a popular commercial aesthetic over exploring diverse movement potentials made the night of global artistry, one that could have been renamed “Four choreographers, one aesthetic”.


As part of the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts, world renowned and locally grown, Philadanco contributed with nights of  first-rate dancing to sold-out houses.

I was particularly drawn to the program because the show was advertised as a celebration of Global Artistry; four choreographers from different countries setting works on the dancers of the company. Vietnam, Philippines, USA, and my birth land, Jamaica, were  the countries represented and I was eager to witness these choreographic offerings.

Admittedly, I did have expectations.

I expected these works to be painted with colors from the country of their choreographer, for subtle cultural representations to waft through each piece, and for these four pieces to be different from one another in language and definitely in aesthetics.

Instead, I was served four contemporary works, swimming in the classical ballet vocabulary.

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