Nancy Reagan by Rhonda L. Jackson



Nancy Reagan

I started to write about Nancy Reagan yesterday but wrote about my love of writing instead (I wanted to be respectful) then I remembered some of the things I have said about her beloved husband sooooo! I remember the Reagan presidency and I remember Nancy! I remember that Nancy Reagan once said ketchup was a vegetable! I remember this because I said to people "I wonder how often does she sit down to a plate of food and one of her vegetables is ketchup!" I never liked the Reagans because I saw them as B rated actors playing the part of First Lady and Commander-in-Chief, badly!!! I saw pictures of Nancy Reagan promoting her Just Say NO anti drug campaign. I noticed that all of the children were black (probably the only time black people were invited to the Reagan White House). I bet they were not allowed to come inside the house given black people's propensity to pilfer. I thought to myself oh yeah cause only black kids are endanger of using drugs I wonder what would Uncle Ronnie say about the 98% increase of heroin use in white neighborhoods across America!! Wonder could Uncle Ronnie see how his trickle down economics (George H W Bush called voodoo economics) helped to create this explosion!! This is sooooo ironic given Nancy's Just Say NO drug campaign!!!  Ahhh the Reagans good times!!!

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