The De-Humanization of Man



Why we should support the arts...

Once homo-sapiens started to have free time away from hiding from predators, or hunting and gathering; they began to ponder existence itself, and the world around them. Some used that time to figure out farming, irrigation and food storage, while others planned structures, communities and eventually created governments and armies to protect their territories.

At the same time there were those who used their extra brain capacity to contemplate the beauty of nature, the synchronicity and order of the universe, the perceptions of the senses, and basically, life itself.

Those individuals were the artists, philosophers, astrologers, healers and teachers.

Initially, these "thinkers" were held in high esteem. But that didn't last very long.

Eventually, humans became greedy, envious, power-hungry and materialistic. They started fighting over everything from food and water sources to prime real estate. This escalated into great wars. And for every advanced civilization and technology that came into being, millions were killed and their cities turned to rubble.

This is our history right on through the 20th Century into the 21st. For every accomplishment that we have made, billions of people remain hungry, sick, without adequate shelter, or access to the advanced  technologies of the day.

There is no empathy. There is no concern for the indigenous people who live on top of natural resources, or in areas of geo-political importance to the power-elite that presently rule this planet.

And on top of that, most people aren't even aware of the amount of blood that was spilled for them to live where they do, wear the clothes they wear, have the devices they rely on, and live the lives they live.

We've de-humanized ourselves, and now we're moving to create artificial realities that don't even come close to the full sensory experiences of just living life.

Mankind's constant search for an alternative to flesh and blood existence either through the promise of metaphysical eternal life or through technology has been the biggest waste of time, resources and human lives in our tenure on this planet.

The fact is, there is beauty in truth and in nature and the cosmos. Artists have tried to depict and explain this throughout the millennia. But with each generation there is less and less interest in the arts. We're diverted by pop culture, the cult of personality; and we're in denial about practically everything.

The truth is, life itself is beautiful. You just have clear out the clutter, stop worrying about what other people have, do or want. Look at sunrises and sunsets and the stars in the night sky. Embrace another human being and look them in the eye. Taste the fruits of the land. Be human.

True happiness will never come about through wars of conquest or revenge; or through greed and materialism. We need to start living again as beings, not cyborgs. Seek out "the truth (and it) will set you free."

Support the arts!


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