The acceptance of one’s self, who are you?



The Acceptance comes when at one with all your Flaws and greeting your gifts.

The acceptance of one’s self, who are you?

Who are you?
Who are your underneath the makeup and glitz?
Where is, your expectations coming from?
The TV magazines, movies or self,
Where does your heart belong?
Are you a giver, a healer, or achiever?
Who are you?
Are rich or poor, able bodied or not so but you still fight,
Who are you?
Who do they see at night or in the morning?
Who are you?
Please don’t put you on a shelf to be sold as perfect.

Whether you’re of a different culture,
A different race or level in society it really does not matter,
It’s the person inside that makes you beautiful,
It’s your differences that make you amazing,
It`s things you do in life that makes the difference,
It’s who you are to those around that love you that makes you incredible,
It’s your personality that shines,
It’s your character that makes you unbelievable.

Whether you’re a mother, a sister, a niece, a daughter or grandmother,
You are the giver of life, the teacher, the friend, or the one that when you smile you light up the world,
You are, the everything that life makes this world beautiful and worth living for.

Mike Baker (Author)


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