Multitasking is something almost all women regards as good, and something they are proud of. But ladies: Who taught you that fucking two things up at the same time, is so much better than doing two things properly — in sequence?

Many women will argue that men are like washing machines: When a program is set, it have to finish until you can choose another program. Most women harass us for being like this, but they don’t realize the benefits, which I will come back to later.

Women consider them as a combination of two or more household appliances, for example a washing machine, a vacuum cleaner and maybe also a toaster. This means that where the washing machine (men) come out with perfectly washed clothing, the combined household appliance (women) come out with half wet, bread crumble stained clothes with dust all over. And for those women out there who are now screaming that men can’t clean or wash clothes, I have to inform your that the reference to housekeeping is just a metaphor., which I hope I don't have to explain the meaning of, sweetheart. 

The established universal truth among women, that they are better performers than many men because they are able to multitask, is just nonsense. Men are also good at doing two things at the same time. Most of us are perfectly suited to watch a football game while we’re picking our noses, or piss while we drink beer, or talk at the same time that we eat. But do we get any appreciation for this? No. Instead they brag about how they can brush their nails when talking pure bullshit on the phone with other women, or do online shopping when they are cooking, or whatever.

All women have one major task in life — being better than their girlfriends. If one woman post on Facebook that she baked cupcakes while she was on the phone with the IRS, another one post that she wiped off the kitchen table, at the same time that she had sex and was planning next week's dinner menu. And that's how we have it going, since bragging about their multitasking ability has no end.

One of the reasons why women think that multitasking is good is that their girlfriends claim the same thing, and nobody objects. It becomes a self-reinforcing prophecy, and since most female brains are quite simple, they perceive this as a truth.

In Buddhism they call this monkey mind. It's not derogatory intended, but it is used to describe that women have monkey-like brains. Picture yourself a monkey who throws itself from branch to branch, and never manage to sit still and concentrate on one thing at a time. That's a woman.

This explains maybe why a woman can never sit down and enjoy a football game and just relax or see a movie without making comments or ask stupid questions.

However, the big question is how women can claim to be good at multitasking, when very few of them manage to combine a gas pedal and a steering wheel in a proper way at the same time, or have sex and a headache at the same time?

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