We Need Our Big Ass Federal Government by Rhonda L. Jackson




We need our big ass federal government!! Because states elect STUPID ASS GOVENORS and they do STUPID ASS SHIT!!! I live in the great state of Texas! Now here in Texas we are known for our strange politicians especially of late. Remember Rick Perry was our governor and Ted Cruz and John Cornyn are our senators. But now Greg Abbott a man who says he does believe in mental illness which is so ironic because that is fuc_in crazy! So when the budget needs extra money guess which budget will be cut? The there is Phil Bryant the governor of Mississippi whose inane hyper religious beliefs usurp civil rights of the people of his state! I wonder when our All Knowing, All Powerful Always Present GOD woke up and realized gay people existed there was not enough GRACE and MERCY to cover them!!! Least we forget Rick Snyder the governor of Michigan who decided clean water should be compromised to save money. Rick Snyder and his family and his cronies and their families should have to use this polluted water for their daily needs for the next 3 years!!! So yes we need our big ass federal government because much too often the states elect dumb assholes for governors!!! So we need the EPA, the federal education department, the IRS and other federal agencies because the states too often loose their way and forget to govern EVERYBODY IN THEIR STATE!!!

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