Seoul Station



A review of the 2016 horror movie "Seoul Station"

An elderly man stumbles into Seoul Station, bleeding profusely from his neck.  He joins the anonymous homeless community living in and around the large railway station.  This man proves the catalyst for a zombie plague that threatens to wipe out South Korea's capital city.  A young runaway finds herself caught up in the madness, so to does her boyfriend and her father who desperately search the chaos to find her.  Although, they may not have her best interests at heart.

For the most part this is an interesting animated Korean zombie film.  Mostly it's another zombie film, of the type that will be familiar to anyone who has ever seen Dawn of the Dead or any of the other innumerable zombie movies that had cropped up over the years, or indeed anyone who has ever seen an episode of The Walking Dead.  There is some tension and there are some pretty effective action scenes, but it kind of falls flat at the end.

It's still worth watching though.




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