UNO must END or Transform into World Democratic platform



UNO is well passed its prime, it is a facade to hide crime against humanity by 5 VETO power holder donors.Its no more a global voice for humanity.

UNO has today simply no role in helping the war torn Humanity.

As countries like Syria and Iraq have been almost sold to USA/UK and all 5 VITO holding nations,who are using citizens here as war toys.

What a If  you look at helpless faces -torn in war -you will understand that these people have no say or nothing to do with war.

Can USA/UK/ALIES and their so called mighty military not stop these war against petty untrained  criminals in few hours but they won't they first train them, and then fight today whom they have trained few years back.

Those who are killed are defenseless local people.

Isn't this the right time to burst 5 UNSC members gang and establish democracy first in global banking and diplomatic system.

It seems so called super power along with UAE and pro USA nations working against poor oil producing countries.

Terrorist groups are tools to create war situations so that USA can intervene and become global leader.

This all if not stopped soon will make USA ,its cronies in Europe and UK mass victim of terrorism which its leaders are breeding across globe in countries from Pakistan to Syria.

Countries like Philippines are already beginning to abuse and swore on USA and so called human right protectors by openly mass murdering drug paddlers and others will also follow the suit.

Now every country in world thanks to Chinese export of weapons will soon be challenging USA and USA will have no 'bargain power' as it is exposed in global business and global war games.

Which has begun by Russia being successful in making Donald Trump as USA President and is USA is now ready to pay for all seeds of global divisive acts in last 60 years by harboring instability all over world and humiliating every poor and helpless person by dragging them kin war.

And now UNO and lobby politics of 5 nations won't work anymore.


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