Things Zlatan teaches me every day!



It's Zlatan Ibrahimovic's Birthday today! So something special should happen.. Thought about writing an article about Zlatan (my pet, whom I have lovingly named after the great footballer!)

Zlatan is the name of my pet. I hope ZLATAN the Great, doesn’t get mad about this but I have named my pet only as I wanted someone as cool as Zlatan. All Pet-parents are the same, more or less. They think super highly of their pets and mentally scrutinize every other pet, to judge which pet is better. After the arrival of pets in lives, people become less significant to them, because pets capture their hearts entirely. There is no more room for anyone else (unless it’s a new pet!) Following this protocol (involuntarily, although nothing but glad about it!!!), I have listed out some things I have learnt from my dog! If by chance I drift away to narrate how cute he is, and how much I love him, please excuse me…Believe me, I can’t help it (maybe I need help)…

So here goes my list-

  1. Stop complaining

Being a dog, he is much more aware how (much) people waste their time complaining! Complaining results in nothing… Instead it’s better to let go. No pedigree? I will eat bread! No bread? I will eat chapatti! No chapati? I will eat whatever you are eating… I don’t really have to worry about things. Because worrying only results in waste of time. Stay optimistic and good times will walk in!


  1. Sleep as much as you want

This, Zlatan preaches every day without fail. As you grow, and become mature you realize nothing is better or important than your sleep. Not just sleep, but a sleep in a cool corner of the house is the best thing ever. Dreaming comes with sleep, naturally. So sleep all you want, dream about the things you love (in his case, food!) Sleep allows you to relax and dream whatever you want!


  1. A long walk solves most of the things

Yeah! Long walks, be it in the misty morning or breezy evenings or calm nights, walks are meant to be taken! Walks clear your head, walks improve your digestion system, walks makes you drink water and keep your skin fresh. Walks make you drift away from reality and that is simply awesome! Get out of the house, get walking and get fresh!


  1. Stay curious

Curiosity never harms! Curiosity makes you alive and updated with overall things. Curiosity makes you talk to people, show them how cute you are, talk to their pets as well etc. Curiosity makes you aware of your neighbors; know how they are and who smells the best!  


  1. Give out your best poses for pictures

Pictures are in thing, now and will always be! Posing for pictures should be natural and effortless. Just look at the camera with full confidence and the camera will love you. Not only the camera but your friends and followers on social media as well. You get to be the darling of social media when you pose awesome. Also, a good pose will earn a great caption as well!


  1. Act coy when situation arises

Life is not easy! Most of the situations are going to be dull and mundane but there will be some hilarious, and also grim. You have to act around every situation, smartly. Hop all you want during good moments but for serious, problematic and grim (especially when you are the cause of such situations), act coy, cute and cunning too. Accept your mistake but do not let anyone bully you. Own everything but do not let anyone own you!


  1. Nobody can take away your Swag

Have 100% confidence in yourself. You are awesome! Nobody has the power to disturb you, or take away your swag. Laugh all you want, hop, walk, eat, sleep! Be nice to people you like and shoo away the ones you loathe. Be truthful of everything, whether it is food or people. Honesty is indeed a best policy. Be yourself, and the world will love you.


  1. Never stop dancing!

Release out your energy on some cool beats every day. Music is for us and we should make use of it! Play some soothing music while drifting off to a nap, sufi music is you want to just sit in a corner and relax. But never forget the music which makes you dance! Dancing is the best and should be done without fail. Jump, hop, swing, run, shaking your head and booty!

Especially on Zingaat!


Bhow-wow! :-D


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