Social Security Checks Should Be Increased



We've got it all backwards in this country...

The idea that those who worked hard (and paid into Social Security through payroll taxes) for 40, 45, or even 50 years, should not have enough retirement income to pay the basic costs of living is cruel and unusual punishment for the citizen taxpayers of this country.
What's wrong with "the system" 

First of all, if interest rates were higher, the fund would increase exponentially through compounding interest; likewise, people could have savings accounts that would also rise. The idea of market-based retirement accounts is absurd, since we all know that the market crashes several times in a person's lifetime -- meaning they would lose their retirement several times over.

Second, the Millennials are now starting to overtake the Baby-Boomers. Which means that there are now more people able to pay into the system than those who are taking out of it. The fact that U.S. businesses invest more into stock buy-backs than back into their companies, and that government wastes our tax dollars in foreign lands, and bailing out banks and insurance companies, is the the true reason why there are fewer domestic jobs and subsequently less money going in to Social Security than going out.

The excuse that people are living longer is not a valid argument either. It's the rise of healthcare and related costs that are putting the strain on the entire system. The cost of personal care facilties, rents, utitilties, cable and internet, phone and healthy foods has sky-rocketed in recent years. These abuses (government-approved) are the true reason why older Americans are suffering. The (promised) cost of living increases have not kept up with the cost of living. Actually, they've been almost nonexistent. Basically, the government broke its contract with the American people, and squandered taxpayer money on folly.

We are the government!
We pay the taxes! Social Security is our retirement program! If the think tanks and bureaucrats want to come up with a new system for the next generation, go for it; but for the people who worked hard for their entire lives (and paid into Social Security), they deserve to get out what they were promised -- an income that would sustain them when they retired.

Those who ignore that there are many millions of people who are already suffering because of the lack of increases in *COLAs, are just downright evil. Most American workers don't have **IRAs or savings. They worked long-hours for their entire lives to build this country. To abandoned the majority of citizens is not only inhuman, but criminal. 

People seem to forget that this is a representive government. Those in Washington are not "leaders," they are representives of the people. Their job is to do our bidding. We are supposed to decide how our tax money is spent, not the politicians -- they work for us! And as far as Wall Street, they don't deserve a dime of our money; in fact, it's time they started paying their fare share. Let them bail out us for a change.

This issue is growing daily and will probably come to a head by next year; as millions more older Americans are forced out on the streets, or to live in extreme poverty, after a life of service to this country. 

It's unbelievable how we have allowed a ruling class of oligarchs to take over this country and push us back into an age of wage-slavery and suffering not seen since the Middle Ages.
*COLA — Cost of living adjustments
**IRA — Individual retirement account


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