WET and FRUSTRATED by Rhonda L. Jackson




Yesterday was a horrible flood! The newly elected mayor of Houston Sylvester Turner had a true test of leadership on yesterday! I won't comment on how he faired but he did seem to take a leadership stance. I knew Sylvester Turner from long ago and that Sylvester Turner I considered to fair I hope this sense of fairness followed into the mayor's office. The people most impacted by his decisions should probably be the ones to compliment or criticize his actions! I do want to make some observations, though!! Like many Houstonians I saw some of the devastation left by the intense rain. I was riveted to my television by the people on that bridge from the apartment complex! The television reporters called them frustrated (justifiably so they added) but frustrated is word used by these people who use discourse to make their living! Frustrated has a meaning of angst and anger! I was not there on that bridge but I saw fear in the eyes of the children and their parents!!! I saw a man caring his new born baby to the bridge and he appeared so afraid it was tenuous!! I can imagine the people on that bridge being water logged, tired, hungry, thirsty, having to go to the damn restroom!! Use your damn adjectives TV people!! So calling the people on that bridge frustrated only is so frustrating to me!!!

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