Enemies of USA-USSR Friendship



CIA and American Politicians are first and last hurdle between world peace and global unification.

Other  Then Terrorists whole world want to be in peace.

CIA ,USA MEDIA and Presidents after one another have projected Russia as enemy  of peace.

By the way all the wars in world in last 15 years have been fought between American inspired Terrorists and American forces.This tells the story of American Politicians form Afghanistan to Syria and Iraq first creating wars ,home wars and then spending public money to buy and manufacturing arms.

This is the same reason why American Presidents always love to create wars with Russia.

Fact is ,these are two different economies and societies,both have no reason to wage stupid hot or cold wars.

Time for USA Voters to save their generation to be looked upon as war criminals.

CIA and Politicians along with media keeps on spreading blatant lies  and systematically kept uneducated .

What a society where wars are cheaper and Education in USA is un affordable.

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