Are you Living within an Invisible Desert?



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I think you will find, yes you are!

When we are all borne into this World of Never-Ending Mysteries, we unknowingly enter an invisible landscape, a desert that is so pervasive and insidious by nature.

A desert that steadfastly devours our every waking moments and even intercedes into our dream states.

It seeks to eradicate us if we let it.
It seeks to replace our memories by interjecting hectic moments within others timelines.

How do we stop such a relentless entity?

It’s simple really.

Create a lasting legacy, a burning crescendo of noise whenever your name is mentioned in numerous conversations. Be Epic within your Lifetime as you casually stroll through the Deserts of Time!

Create a resounding Victory and leave your Footprints for others to follow!

Be Awesome!
Omnia Vincit Amor

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