My Need To Write by Rhonda L. Jackson





I have an intense need to write my opinions/thoughts in a blog! I do this because 1. I have something worth while to say. 2. I am done with the celebrity gossip and the "I am a legend in my own mind" mentality. 3. I write because it just feels so damn good! 4. I read something I wrote months or even a year or two ago and think DAMN, I WROTE THAT! So yes I need to write. In this caustic chaotic political season there is so much fodder to gleam from everyone has something to say. I don't just write about politics, I write about many things. I am a consummate observer. I try really hard to look at things with fresh and naïve eyes! I want to see something different from everyone else sees! I think there is too much cookie cutter branding. I say DARE TO BE DIFFERENT! So instead of following a trend I want to put a new and fresh spin on it! I want to see a subject from a new and different perspective. I don't know how many people read what I write and I suppose that's not the main reason I write! I write because I have something worthwhile to say! I write because I really feel that America Needs It's Big Ass Federal Government (see post dated 4/29/23016)! I write because I believe Greed Is Insidious and it is this greed that is destroying America not the homosexuals, or the illegal immigrants or even Isis or other terrorists! I believe that climate change is real and that President Obama saved America from the bottomless abys left by the Bush Administration (so yeah I am a leftist liberal)! I believe Hillary Clinton would be a better president than Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders and I am voting for her not the lesser of two evils! So yeah I write because I believe I have something worthwhile to say!





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