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Scriggler Interview series is designed to shine the spotlight at some of the more popular Scriggler contributors and to help them promote their books.

5 Sentences about you:

We wish we had something nice to say about Nick Lenoir. Unlike many writers, he does not reside in a remote American State with a wonderful wife and an unreasonable amount of kids. Alas, Nick lives in poverty and squalor in a small Swiss alpine village. His adoptive family, a woman named Tereza and a girl named Adela, perished in an avalanche when he was a teenager. Now a grown-up man, Nick works as a shepherd. In the evenings, he writes stories in his tiny chalet.

5 Sentences about the book.

This book is a collection of twenty interconnected short stories. Its characters reappear at unexpected moments, to provide readers with different perspectives. Though all stories are deeply rooted in our mundane daily lives, they always, at some point, twist into the extraordinary. Each story is an open door into a new perception of our world.

5 Sentences about one of the books’ characters.

Let’s talk about Patricia Plastic, who features in two stories: F is for Francine, in which she appears briefly and P is for Patricia, in which she is one of the main protagonists. Contrary to what one might think, Patricia is not at all superficial. She has an extraordinary vision of life and enjoys it very much. One of her greatest strengths is being able to quickly forgive, even when a waitress grabs her head and rubs it in her leftovers. That is an extraordinary gift.

Why do you think people should read it?

This collection of short stories is a feel-good book written by a psychopath. People should read it because they will laugh a lot and see life as they have never seen it before.

Who is your ideal reader?

Anyone who loves humor and wants to read something different will enjoy this book. It is full of surprises and will take its readers into uncharted territories.

Other authors you admire — especially contemporary. Anyone stands out in particular?

Nick loves to read and does it voraciously. Lately, he enjoyed Slade House by David Mitchell, The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides and Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel.

How are you approaching the promotion of the book so far?

As a new writer with a non-commercial mindset, Nick has done very little to promote his collection of short stories. He hopes to learn about it, in order to better promote the novel he is currently working on, which he hopes will be completed by the end of 2016.

What resources are you using, what events are you attending?

The only literary event Nick attended was a disaster; he ended up tarred, feathered and thrown into a ditch. It was a meager consolation that none of the jury could read.

Print or ebook? (both in general and how do you approach this for your book?)

Both are complementary, says Nick. He loves ebooks, but hopes to see his work in print one day.

If anyone is interested in doing a review — how should they approach you?

They can contact Nick directly. He does read his emails:


Nick's profile on Scriggler:

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