Last Hope to Save Islam....?



More than people they kill,Terrorists are continuously succeeding in portraying Muslims as a suspicious community and now Voices against banning Muslims are being discussed in USA/UK/EUROPE frankly on highest platforms-Islam has last opportunity and it is Educated Modern Muslim Youth.

Let's accept that with every Bombing Terrorists are continuously succeeding in portraying Islam as a religion against non Muslims.

There is only one hope to stop this and it is Modern Educated Muslim Youngsters and children.

World must do something to connect to Muslim Youth and on other hand Muslim Youth also must understand the need to come out of Ghetto communities and stupid 'world is our enemy' kind of projected Terrorist Ideology.

World has always been open to Muslims than Muslims being opened to world.

A Basic Example is -Muslims not allowing Non Muslims to pilgrimage of MACCA &MADINA.

Terrorists want Muslim and world against each other and by doing this they are playing in the hands of fundamentalists and Nationalists in all over Democratic world where liberals are being voted increasingly out of power.

Last hope is Muslim Youth and Children.

They are needed to come out and rebel against 'typical thinking' of other than Islam everything else is evil,It is for Muslim Youth to bring forward what is happening with Muslim Women in Middle Eastern countries and how systematically women are kept away from power and treated as slaves in hands of Sheikhs.

It is for Muslim Youth to come out and tell the world the kind of exploitation they are facing, than only Global voices who still differentiate between Islam and Terrorism will extend a hand of help to Modern Muslims.

It is for Muslims and World to create this bridge or Loser will be Islam.

As not the followers but Religion is branded as Good or Evil by image of  its followers only.

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