Collateral Damage by Rhonda L. Jackson



collateral damage

There is always collateral damage in war/conflict! Whether the war or conflict is waged by the US government or by an individual there is always collateral damage. The governor of Texas is waging war against the mentally ill in Texas (you see war or conflict does not start with a gun being shot or a bomb being dropped it starts with the rhetoric)!! The governor Texas says he does not believe in mental illness which is ironic since he has to be crazy!!  Some of the collateral damage other than those people suffering from true mental illness are the psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, counselors and other people who are trained to help the mentally ill!!  Also least we forget the Texas soldiers coming back from the middle east with PTSD and other MENTAL ILLNESSES!!!  The governor of Michigan could not have figured in the collateral damage when he allowed Flint's water supply to be poisoned!  Who knows what type of collateral damage will come from that!!! That's why we need our big ass federal government because state governments are too often blind to the collateral damage of their actions!!! The civil war was a results of states gone amuck and being blind to collateral damage!!!

I was scrolling something when I saw this lady whose husband had been deployed to the middle east. She suffered a miscarriage soon after his deployment then she suffered again when her husband was killed there!!! The article talked about her being strong and starting over but I see her as collateral damage!! Of course she will have to start over her situation should be one of many good reasons to avoid war!!! So before we elect a president of the United States who wants to puts more boots on the ground to fight whom ever in the middle east shouldn't we first consider the collateral damage!!!!

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