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For an indie author such as myself the rewards for years of writing, editing, designing and promoting don’t exactly tally with the amount of effort and passion I  invest in my work. It is an arduous chore feeding this greedy mistress known as indie self-publishing. For the most part and I’m speaking for myself here, it is an uphill struggle with very few high points. Other than the odd review, there really isn’t much acknowledgement nor encouragement to help push you on when your feeling underwhelmed. 

Saying that, the other day I received what is considered so precious to many authors. PRAISE and feedback… from an unknown reader, the neighbour of a friend, a German lady who is halfway through reading Playing Out: Swings and Roundabouts (in English). 

My friend in Germany is an 80 year old lady, called Lilo. A dog-walking colleague I met over 13 years ago. To say I revealed to her only my best side is perhaps an understatement. Regarding her as the mother I never had, she would knit socks for me and lavish me with hugs, lengthy ones that I’d normally recoil from if given by anyone else, but with her I allow myself to sink in and receive all the love it comes with. Needless to say, seeing her as a parental figure I kept all my unsavoury rent-boy past to myself. One could consider this a falsehood, me not. It is no less than everyone else does when meeting parents. Subsequently when I had completed and published Paulyanna International Rent-Boy I didn’t share the news and felt bad for it. So when I wrote Playing Out: Swings and Roundabouts a story of my early childhood I couldn’t wait to send her a copy, unannounced in the post. Her English isn’t all that good yet still better than my German. Perhaps that’s the reason we hug so much. Anyway my lovely Lilo struggled to read my work and so enlisted the help of a more fluent English-speaking neighbour. Between the two my book was verbally translated. 

When hearing I was popping round for a visit the neighbour asked if she could come by. I was truly daunted knowing that a stranger was heading over to chat. However I needn’t have been. It turned out to be a real compliment and a privilege to witness first-hand a genuine interest in my work. In her words, she was curious to see how the child had turned out. She also had a few British dialect questions as I tend to throw in some Black Country slang. All those not so obvious mentions and undertones I’d planted still managed to be understood.

One slip up, when hubby asked how long it took to write THIS last book, she caught the gist and asked out-loud “Oh so you’ve written another book?” Of which I quickly answered in mumbled speech. “Yes but it’s not for everyone.” To the side I did confess that I hid the fact from Lilo. Although Lilo is an observant bird and I suspect she will eventually see a copy, just not from me.  

As we spoke I saw admiration and not pity in her friends face. Eventually I sat relishing the attention (nothing new there) I felt like a mini-celebrity and boy does my ego need it.

Not sure exactly why I’m sharing this fluffy piece of nonsense, other than to convince others to check out my books and to say there is more to be gained for our indie efforts than sales figures. 

Kind Regards. PDL

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