Self-Publishing? Use Scriggler to Build A Following



How I propose you can use Scriggler to build a following for your book!



Why Do You Need To Build An Audience?

If you are self-publishing your book, building an audience is vital. And you need to start doing it now. Even if you’re planning on going down the traditional publishing route, building a following is always going to help.

Assuming that you are self-publishing because you want to make some money from your book, the reason for putting effort into building a following is simple: If you have a following before you release your book, you have a group of customers already lined up.

The important thing is that you start now. Don’t get to the point where you are about to release your book and think ‘You know what, I should probably find some people who will buy this’.

You should start building your following long before your book is ready to be released.

How to Use Scriggler to Build a Following

There are three main elements to building a following for your book release:

  1. Engage with readers of your genre
  2. Get your writing ‘out there’
  3. Promote your book

With Scriggler, you can cover all three. Here’s how:

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