Public servants don't get to pick and choose who they will protect and serve

I write poetry as often as I can but based on ‘requirements’ of some of these contest I’m considering, the stipulation is in order to be accepted they have to be the first one to publish so a lot of my poems are just waiting around for possibilities.

Bottom line, I’m attempting to save my best poems for publication, just the chance of being published in a literary magazine has me not wanting to share but I wanted to state some clarifications because I have never heard of public servants (police officers) verbally picking and choosing who they will or will not serve (Beyoncè) — so I am sharing this writing in the hopes of…


                                              ONLY WHEN BLACK LIVES MATTER
                                                     WILL ALL LIVES MATTER


The thing is all lives do matter;

But the distinction is that, in this climate of racism running rampant and black lives being stolen just because cops feel the desire we need to keep it focused and it remains worth repeating,

Black lives do indeed, matter,

Now if that had been recognized all along then we would not have to draw this line but just like a demon to flip the script just like in the case of "reverse discrimination" or
even more recent is their cry that blacks are the real racist,

Stay strong my peeps and recognize the game constantly placed at our feet

Understand, you cannot legislate behavior but you can hold one responsible and accountable for his/her actions, the true key in the process is in ENFORCEMENT and in the SPIRIT of the words written – as in — it is not the letter of the law but the spirit of the law.

Jesus attempted to explain the difference in the parables he delivered, yet we still live in confusion. If you come into my hood on a daily basis disrespecting me in front of my people why would my neighbors, friends and family respect me any differently note that in this equation you keep violence flourishing in my hood by your procedures;

Violence is not the answer but instead the lessons learned living in the hood still being subjected to police brutality after all these years, how many laws do we need on the books at this time what it takes is heartfelt actions,

Moreover what is needed is your participation in embracing laws and rules that have been written but maybe we are moving forward only time tells only time shows how much we have grown only time tells the real story – has it already been written??

                                       WRITTEN IN THE SPIRIT OF BLACK HISTORY MONTH



© 2016 Connie Jordan
All Rights Reserved


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