True Reflections of Trust Hope and Restoration



I believe every person can be content , no matter the challenges they might face. Choices and determination are the steering wheels to happiness . Don't be friends to ' excuses and self pity ' be a victor !



Most of your happiness lies within you .

Happiness is a choice, despite, circumstances .

It is a conscious decision we all have to make .

What you say to yourself and about yourself, will determine how you feel .


Happiness starts with a seed of gratitude .

It is important to focus on what you have, instead on what you don't have .


There's always people who have much less than you, who go through much

worse situations than you.

Cherish your beautiful moments ; think of them . They are like water that 

helps a plant to grow .


A beautiful thought enhances life .

Focus, on the beauty of life , and it will reflect on you .

How you experience your life is totally up to you .

You are unique, special, a masterpiece , and capable of living life to the full .

Rise and shine !






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