TV Shows and Movies- The new Teachers



This is how I think TV Shows and Movies have an impact on us!

TV shows & movies have replaced all the traditional sources of entertainment. Most of us, come home every day from work, college, school, just place ourselves on the bed and sit with our laptop at least for half an hour. This way we relieve ourselves of all the nagging thoughts and enter the world of imagination.

That’s the best feeling. In spite of having pressures, deadlines, studies or work we clear our minds watching something or other and leave reality altogether.

But why would anyone not do that! TV Shows or movies, they are awesome. They are the teachers of various kinds of stuff. Come to think of it, TV shows or movies teach us a hell lot about how the world is and how to survive it as well. Since a TV show and movie fanatic, I can surely vouch for this. I have thousands of examples to prove this particular phenomenon.

Sure, entertainment is still the primary reason we all chose to watch TV shows and movies. But the secondary reason is obviously the content. Be it serious, comedy, dark comedy, drama, crime, horror, thriller, romance or mystery genre, they not only provide us entertainment but in depth knowledge of lots of other important stuff as well. 

‘Game of Thrones’, only this name would suffice the theme I am talking about. The locations, casting, dialogues, language, costumes, traditions each and every thing depicted in this phenomenal TV Show give us knowledge about hell lot of stuff.

Why wouldn’t it not give us so much knowledge? The creators of this show have put in so much of effort, time, energy and the most important-money!!! That’s what made the show the humungous success it is today. Other TV shows such as Sherlock, Dexter, Grey’s Anatomy, Breaking Bad and classic comedies such as Friends, How I met your mother, and The Big Bang Theory are just as awesome. These are just a handful of TV shows that I am mentioning here, as they are on top of my mind. But I have watched loads of others and will continue to do so.

Each of these shows have given me familiarity with each of their respective central themes. Also, I am certain, millions of people like me, have the habit that whenever we come across new, we quickly wiki it. It is so addictive, because you come for one topic and you leave with tons of other information related to similar topics as well. That is incredible!

Medicine, serial killers, science, chemistry, crystal meth, Seattle, Westeros, Valar Morghulis etc have become a part of my daily conversations with people.

Same is the case with movies. I could name a thousand movies which have given me something to ponder about. The Shawshank Redemption,  Inception, Interstellar, 500 days of Summer, Black Swan and our good old Hindi Films such as A Wednesday, Gangs of Wasseypur, Vicky Donor, Kahaani, Band Baajaa Baarat, Jab we met, English Vinglish, Talwaar etc, these movies are favourites for a reason. The reason is that I didn’t just get entertained, but also carried a great after taste.

Wake Up Sid is one such movie which has always been close to my heart.  Everything in this movie appeals to me and I find it flawless.

What I want to say, TV shows and movies are no longer things to pass time by but they are teachers of cultures, costumes, traditions, celebrations, holidays, work cultures, educational patterns, humor, legal and police procedures, forensics, laws and much more. All this I have learnt from my teachers, those are TV shows and movies.

Importantly, I am the person I am today because of these shows and movies. I think I understand situations, problems, solutions, emotions, traditions better due to these.

So, to someone who thinks that these things are just a waste of time, I want to say, ‘”BOSS! You really don’t know anything!”

I am proud to be a filmy girl!!!! :D 


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