Giving up the chase...



We can't fix everything. We can't help those who don't want to be helped. And we can't make other people care if it's just not in them to care...

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As I continue to grow and evolve, and get used to this original skin of mine, what becomes more clearly defined to me is how many of us are walking around in pain. At our cores, we are still children, trembling from the iron fist that was slammed down in so many diverse and traumatic fashions, so many years ago.

And as I continue to grow it is also clear to me that no one is safe from the wrath of a damaged soul.  I for one have had to work very hard and practice daily in order to handle this wrath – that of my own and of others.  The goal is to not let the toxicity consume me – and instead use it as a learning tool. It is a not so subtle reminder and insight into the art of letting go of that which harms you. This includes people who only know how to take, with no desire to give in any capacity.  This also includes giving up the chase to convince those that don’t have it in them to care, to care.

We can say we were used – but if we admit that, we must also admit we played a hand in the downfall.  If we choose to associate with those who lack consideration for our best interests, we cannot play dumb when we catch them applauding in the rear-view as we stumble. Sadly, some people celebrate the pain of others. It’s a demonic-type distraction from their own venom-coated existence.

And that can’t be helped.  We cannot wish them to change and think they will miraculously start treating us with love.  So we must cut our losses and move forward, planting seeds for ourselves along the way so that we can be present and available to those who will appreciate us.  We can wish them well from afar, but to feed our time and energy to those who lack compassion or empathy is to say that existing and acting without is OK: and it’s not. Perpetuating behavior that is damaging affects the entire world.  It’s a bigger issue than us alone.

Please take some time to consider the tough relationships you have.  Love isn’t about rewarding bad behavior and appeasing every desire.  It’s about supporting positive growth. And in order to do that, sometimes we need to step away from the ripples for a while, until the water settles.

Give up the chase, and go where the love is my friends.

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