Hi Everyone and welcome to the March Scriggler newsletter!


Some important news before we announce the competition winners, so please bear with me, it won’t take long.


First of all welcome to all new members, glad to have you with us and hope you will enjoy being part of the Scriggler community.


Second — we have been working on some extra features for the website over the last few weeks and gradually rolling them out. All of these are ultimately designed to help you promote your writing more effectively.


  • Peek inside now allows non-members to read all publications and comments on the website, apart from private ones. They don’t get to use the filter or clubs and can not publish or leave comments and likes/dislikes, those are reserved for members only. 
  • User profiles are now made public — you can share them with non members — for example on your Facebook page. The link will pull in the metadata — the picture and the text from your bio. This would allow you to share your whole portfolio, not just one particular publication. To share it, all you have to do is copy the link from the address bar of your browser.
  • Invite a friend — this new section allows you to send an invitation to join Scriggler to Facebook friends or if you are a Gmail user — to your Gmail contacts. There is a default message you can use, but you can change it to anything you like. We will never ever send anything to your contacts ourselves or keep the records of them on our system. That’s a promise.


We are also working on taking our Publication of the Day to the next level. Look out for the extra menu appearing under the Thinking Man!


TNW Conference.
We have just applied to be included in the next TNW conference to be held on the 24-25th of April in Amsterdam. If selected — we would be able to show off the website and its community to a very wide audience, including potential investors. This can make a big difference in terms of growing Scriggler, attracting new members, developping new technologies and making it more fun for everyone. If you like what we do please support our application by recommending us here: https://kkontact.wufoo.com/forms/z3n3l5q09lwj8f/
It only takes a few seconds. The required fields on the company should be filled as:
Name of company: Scriggler.com
Company website: www.scriggler.com
Contact email: selemir@scriggler.com
Country: UK

Thanks in advance, really appreciate your support.

And now the February Competition.


Even though this was a short month and we did very little promotion for the competition itself, the turn out has been absolutely amazing. As always reading through the submissions has been the highlight of my day and I am looking forward to shining a spotlight on many of them via our Publications of the day.


This month we have the same winner in both the author of the month and publication of the month category:


Don Baldwin 



And his most popular publication this month was:

I Honor the Place Within...





If you would like to see the full results — it is fairly straight forward. You can do that by applying a filter to all publications (just click filter in the top left corner of your dashboard). Set the start date to the 1st of February and the end to the 28th and click apply. Sort them by popularity after that and you have the full picture.

The new competition kicks off from the 1st of March and will run until the 31st. The announcement will come out shortly. If you would like to brush up on the rules — here’ the February announcement, we would post the March one shortly.



All the best and Happy Scriggling!







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