Lessons from Goa



In this post, I am sharing my notes from Goa – this is not a regular travelogue, rather something very thought provoking that I believe you must read till the end:)

I spent last weekend in Goa, with my sis. The trip was amazing – lazy, relaxed, and chilled out – such a welcome break!


What I did 

Unfortunately, my sis was a little unwell at the beginning, and we couldn’t go out as much as we wanted to. On the upside, it gave me a lot of time to read, think, and just enjoy nature. There was no agenda for the day and we would spend our days lazing around the beach or by the pool, taking long walks, watching the rain fall, and reading – no cares in the world.

While there, I read Liane Moriarty’s ‘Big Little Lies’ – almost done with it. I also made a sketch (share it in another post).



The Big Change

Despite the trip lasting for only 3.5 days, I feel a definite mental shift – I am calmer, more at peace, and happier. I believe this trip was just what I needed. It was meant to be and happened at the exact right time in my life. I returned from my trip with a clearer mind. One very important thing that happened during the trip was that I realized I need to do more things in life – surely there’s more to life than punching numbers on an Excel sheet. I want to travel more, read more, meet new people.

Goa gave me a taste of that and reminded me of what’s been missing from my life. On one of my long walks to the beach, I made friends with a couple from Switzerland, and also had a very interesting conversation with a random group of strangers about Dream catchers. Well, isn’t this what life should be about – meeting new people, doing what you want with your time, not being tied to a desk?

Things I need to do


During the past one year, I have led a more subdued life – spending more time with myself, working on myself, chalking out my life goals. I feel now that the work is complete and I am now ready to combine the two kinds of lives I’ve led till now – my life in UK – where I was always meeting new people, socializing, travelling; and my life in the last one year – when I was writing, reading, and learning.

What I now need is a combination of the two – I need to make more friends, read more, make more plans, and visit my 15th country! I need to try out more cuisines, cook more often, learn one more foreign language, and maybe strike a conversation with the person on the next table in a quaint cafe in some random part of the world. I need to learn that new dance form, try my hand at clay modelling, and maybe start that book I’ve always dreamt of writing. I need to spend more time in nature, and less worrying/thinking about petty issues. I need to think more and react less. I need to touch more lives using Tarot, help more people using Chakra Healing, and bring more smiles to people I know.

And oh, maybe take more selfies (you gotta give that to a girl :P).



“It’s time to live a richer life. It’s time to dream big. There’s more to life than working for money.”

Thank you Goa for making me see this!

And thanks to my dear sis for taking me along with her!❤

What are the things that you need to do in life? Have you thought about it yet? I’m dying to know!

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