Inside the star that crashed to the land lived a woman whose story is hard to understand...

Once Upon a star gaze, the galaxy wept in a bleeding blaze. Storming thunder and striking lightning made the quaking clouds seem oh so frightening. Inside the star that crashed to the land lived a woman whose story is hard to understand. Unhinged from the sky and cast to the ground, the sweeping star came gliding down. The world she descended to knew only sadness and despair, which is why God sent Beverly there.

It was a cool September night and the brisk Baltimore air flounced through the land. Autumn was looming all around as the leaves had already begun to crisp, change color and curl up at the ends. It is a marvel how leaves die; rather then bleeding into a dull grungy brown, they brighten into vividly beautiful colors—a strange phenomenon indeed. Like a child finger painting in shades of reds, orange, yellows and greens over a scenic work of art, the landscape was cluttered with blotches of vibrant hues.

Leaves frolicked in the rhythm of the wind resembling a choreographed dance sequence; its whirl loosening them from their branches as they gracefully bowed down to the ground with the elegance of a ballerina. Not only were the leaves waltzing and swaying in the air streams as they scattered abroad, but music was present in their every movement. The sound of the leaves drifting harmoniously in the air was that of a whistle gently humming and then conforming into a subtle glissando. It was almost like the wind was softly stroking through the wrinkles of each leaf as though they were strings on a harp. Autumns in Missouri were stunning, but none were quite as lovely as this September evening. The beauty that had just begun to sweep over the land was incomparable to Beverly’s coming, as she brought with her five supernatural gifts.

The world never knew her story, but they felt it. They felt it in the slow blowing breeze and the sweet aroma swelling within their nostrils as she passed by them. It was almost as though she was a gust of wind herself, brushed through a patch of flowers and then swished into their faces; kissed. A kiss from Beverly was like medicine, it healed. Often Beverly’s healing aura would wade in the air for days, just waiting for an unfortunate soul to mend. This precious being lived inconspicuously as an ordinary woman, but with a divine secret; she was angelic, born from the stars on an extraordinary mission.

Swaddled within a star, the Holy Ghost cradled her as a baby and provided her with five powerful spiritual gifts; the gift of healing, the gift of edification, wisdom, discernment and prayer. Though there are many other spiritual gifts that she did not receive, these five were heightened in extreme measure and given together as a whole. They were meant to minister with each other and achieve a mighty work.

All stars are magical, for say, as flaming bursts of fire set precisely in the atmosphere, must surely hold some form of mystical power—at least one can assume—and many did—which is why a vast majority of the population so fondly wished upon them. Perhaps I shouldn’t betray this secret, but stars do have the celestial ability to grant such requests. However, their power is limited to one wish per night. Most stars are only given one gift in their lifetime, making such a restriction feasible, but Beverly hosted five exceptional gifts. Each of her gifts were one hundred times more mighty then every other star in the galaxy. She couldn’t possibly abide to the single wish law, as she felt a yearning to answer all those who petitioned her. Yet she was bound to one wish, but out of the millions of wishes a night, how could she choose between them?—she couldn’t. She had to find a way to answer them all, but with a world in between them, she could do nothing for these people when separated by an entire sky.

Beverly longed to cast herself down onto the earth, but to do so was treason. She feared that not only would she be vanished from the sky and punished upon the land, but that she would be disrobed of her powers; dishonored, forsaken and useless. Yet, what good were her gifts if she could not use them? A talent unrefined and forgotten is not a talent at all, and a skill unused is a skill unlearned. The potency of ones’ power withers away when abandoned. She couldn’t comprehend why God had given her so many gifts of great authority, but without the authority to use them.

She was humble and modest, despite her supreme powers, with a bleeding heart for those pleading for salvation. She delighted in their childlike faith; that they would wish upon a star in their most desperate time. It was that very faith which shook the cosmos and knocked Beverly out of the clouds. She lacked the prerogative to fall from the sky and did not have the sole ability to metamorphose into a human. However, God admired her love for the human race and granted her exclusion. Within his breath she was carried, rolling towards the earth; and with each rotation, she transformed into a human as she collided into the ground with a spectacular explosion of stardust

She stood to her feet with a tremble, unsteady with little confidence in each step as she conformed to her strange new body. She wiggled her toes and burrowed the heels of her feet into the dirt, mused by its pebbly consistency. The grainy crunch of the sand tickled and scratched her soles as she slowly staggered until finally controlling her walk. The world seemed odd to her, but she knew it well, for stars were once used for navigation. After all of her years looking down upon the land, now she was looking up.

She observed the starlit sky in awe as tears ballooned in her eyes. It was not just the world that she descended to that intrigued her, but every curve of her body, indent, birthmark and hue. Overwhelmed by curiosity, she stroked her fingers through her hair, captivated by the texture of the luxurious locks hanging from her scalp and flowing with life. She then traced her hands along her skin, admiring her silky smooth touch. This was the first time she had ever seen human flesh; as a star, you are not permitted to look upon the face of a human, but only hear their voice as they cast a wish. No longer bound to the rules of the night sky, her eyes engrossed every detail of her appendages with fascination.

She studied her new self in wonder and thanked God for the miracle of it. Yet, she was not sent to the earth to be a part of it, but rather to deliver her divine gifts to it. She was determined to use her gifts to minister to as many people as possible. This would not be as easy as she supposed, as mankind is fiercely infiltrated by evil. In the real world, there are boogie men. These monsters—as children call them—were not the product of an over zealous imagination but were demonic creatures hiding in plain sight.

These evil spirits would occasionally manifest themselves, or quietly haunt, beguile and possess whomever they could. They would bring with them numerous afflictions to infect mankind with. Illness, possession, injury, and oppression were among the many attacks on man. However, the physical body was not their only target, but also the quality of ones’ life; their finances, relationships, careers, goals, home and belongings were all inflicted by these demonic spirits. Their torment would last a lifetime if not bound and cast out.

In order for Beverly to truly help these people, she would have to chase the evil out of them. As easy as evil is to attracted, it is perhaps not so easily chased away. However, she was not afraid of the evil on earth. She understood that evil thrived in darkness, but a ray of sunshine happened to dwell within her grin, terrorizing the dark. Her charming personality and magnetic kindness mingled with her awesome power and made her a special kind of person. She was like a flame without a shadow—after all, light casts no shade.

Beverly’s discernment led her to Philadelphia where she would begin her ministry. Here she lived a complete life filled with love, children, family and friends. Beverly’s affable disposition attracted many friends, and even foes found difficulty in not loving her. She became the mother of many; not just biologically, but also in heart—any one who needed her love was sheltered under her umbrella of motherly devotion. She had a tender affection towards adolescence and young adults and hence was often like another mother to them. These were the people who drew Beverly from the twinkle of the night sky and lured her to the ground. It was their urgent need collectively beckoning her for a miracle, demonstrating great faith in He who fathered the stars, the Lord God Almighty. It was His compassion for the dreamers, broken spirited, the needy and the lost that delivered this remarkable woman to the earth. Yet, she was no goddess and carried no trophies, treasures or pride.

She was released from her gleam to be a sergeant mother to the motherless, a prayer warrior for the battered, and a healer for the sick. She infused wisdom and edification everywhere she went. As she traveled to Philadelphia, she pondered of the people she crossed. She desired to help those in need of divine intervention, but first she must war on their behalf’s. Spiritual warfare surrounded her everywhere she went, but being a prayer warrior with the power of the Holy Ghost, she was able to break such demonic bonds. Over time she grew stronger and more faithful, doing a many good works. Yet nothing could prepare her for the mountain that she was about to face, and her faith was about to be tested like never before. It was her Goliath, and just like King David, it would take a miracle to bring it down.

Her attention was drawn to a little girl who was bedridden and terminally ill. She didn’t know the child’s name or anything about her, only that she was dying. It was quite by coincidence that she happened upon this sleeping beauty, as she was merely visiting a dear friend who was in labor, but immediately her heart ached for the child she passed. The girl’s mother appeared so hollow and broken, pitifully waiting for her daughter’s inevitable demise. Strangely enough, however, she wished upon no stars nor did she beseech God in prayer; she just sat motionless by her bedside starring blankly at the floor. The little girl was no older then three years of age, with a sweet face which also harbored a mischievous personality. Due to reasons unknown, she was brain dead. Doctors were baffled and could provide no remedy to her condition. Sadly, her organs had already begun to shut down and it was only a matter of time before her death.

Although Beverly could heal her, she was not being led to do so. She was drawn to the child, but not by the Holy Spirit. She was deeply troubled as this was an innocent child, but she could not dictate who lives or dies regardless of their innocence and youth. Reluctantly, she passed by her room without a word. Yet the burden of this child’s life stirred angrily in her gut and she could no longer bear it, so she quietly crept into her room to heal her—However, it was not a healing the child needed.

Sitting at her bedside in human form was a woman unrecognizable as anything but her mother. Yet, what the doctors did not realize was that this girls’ mother had long been dead herself, and was once the leader of a satanic cult. Her soul was already in damnation, but her physical body had become solely consumed by demonic spirits. The child she bore was meant to be sacrificed shortly after birth, but due to her mother’s death, she was spared—or was she?

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