Hate Immigrants to win & Blackmail to receive Donations



This is what Donald Trump's words and actions mean

In the history of Democratic Election,when they begin to collect donations,rich immigrants are first targets and when they go to ask for vote- just spread blind hate.

Like 'Hate Muslims' is a favorite Polarization line for Politicians all over non Muslim world including India and USA ,whereas in both countries,politicians are never ashamed to ask for donations from same immigrants they preach to hate.

An Immigrant anywhere in the world is symbol of 'helplessness' or 'adventurous' spirit of a person who dares to travel to align lands,in search of work and dignified life.

In a so called 'human world' there can not be national boundaries and VISA requirements to move from one part of land to other as no one ,her/his father or mother owns land-water and sky.

But Politicians divided land-water and now they call fellow brothers and sisters 'immigrants' when they cross one side of land to other.

Is it not enough  pride to be human and not a cockroach ,so now they developed 'National Pride'- Those who are rich do not like poor to come to their side of land -wow-as if those who are rich today will be rich forever.

There are many countries in world today-which were known as "Golden Bird" and what about Land of Alexander? Today same are debt ridden poor and humiliated nations.

So if a Politician like Donald Trump 'hate' immigrants and Muslims today that is because they have not donated him as much they would have to his opponent,if he comes to power-he'll do the same -what every politician on earth does- he will exploit and blackmail minorities and finally prove himself their savior.

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