Illegal Drugs in America



Think before you choose to get high

For many years-I worked as a Nurse. I saw first hand what illegal drugs do to people and especially young Americans.

In the jail where I worked I saw a young woman who was coming off heroin. She begged me to help her and there was nothing I could do. She could not stop vomiting.

Her habit was 400 dollars a day and that as many years ago. Now it would be about 1000 a day. Can you afford that just to get high?

I was concerned for her as I thought her boyfriend might murder her when she got out of jail for telling on him.


Wake up and think young people. Illegal drugs are illegal for a reason.  Research is done on legal drugs to see what the chemical do to your body but not on illegal ones.


The dealers who sell to you just want your money and they do not care if you die or get your brain or heart ruined. I have seen many young people who had to have a heart pacemaker as they blew out their heart with drugs.


The dealers lace the drugs with bug spray and glass to give you a better high while the drug ruins your body.


I was smart enough not to even try them.


Enemies of America have said they will destroy America from within with drugs. These people hate you and hate America.

Wake up and do not become a jail bird where the food is bad-you can get raped and have no phone or family and no one cares about you there.


I wrote a book about illegal drugs. Read it.

Go to and join. It is a new site for readers.

I write this because I care. Don't become a statistic.



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