I'm A "Late Bloomer": On Taking Risks In Mid-Life



I know what it is like to be absolutely terrified to do something – And do it anyway. I really do understand how difficult, even frightening, it can be to take the personal and/or professional risks that are at times required in order for us to wholeheartedly pursue our goals and dreams...

Success includes helping others to succeed...

As I Approached Middle Age, I Finally Became Willing To Do All That Was Required In Order To Experience Change At A Deep, Profound, Core, ‘Root’ Level; Expand Beyond Limiting Views of Self and Others; And Grow. Now I Help Others To Do The Same...

I know what it is like to be absolutely terrified to do something – And do it anyway. I really do understand how difficult, even frightening, it can be to take the personal and/or professional risks that are at times required in order for us to wholeheartedly pursue our goals and dreams – And I never forget this when working with others in a professional capacity today.

My general philosophy at this point in my life is that there is enough ‘success’ to go around; and each one of us will arrive at our own definition and realization of personal and/or professional achievement, given the right kinds of environments, belief in self, and support. For me, ‘success’ = living and speaking one’s truth and standing one’s ground. Horses are perhaps the best teachers of this, by the way, which is why my horse Blue is my own personal ‘life coach’  (photo of Blue and me is attached to my author's bio at end of this post).


Another Dream Realized Late In Life: Here I am with a Budweiser Clysedale horse, 2016


My Own Experience In Self-Expansion, Self-Reinvention, and Creating Success For Myself:

I once suffered from depression and anxiety; I now am a licensed Psychotherapist, with a second business as a Transformational Life Coach and Consultant, inspiring others to achieve optimal levels of health, well-being, and personal and professional success – whatever this means to them. I’ve been through my own ‘dark night of the soul’ more than once, and I know that it is possible to emerge better, stronger, and more filled with Light and Love than ever each time.

I grew up thinking that I was fundamentally flawed and that something was ‘wrong’ with me – This is my earliest conscious memory – feeling shame, feeling ‘bad’, and feeling ‘broken’; I figured out as an adult that this core, root belief that I was damaged and flawed was a lie, and that this false belief about myself took root while living in dysfunctional environments that did not support my ‘true self’ nature and creative, spontaneous, uninhibited natural expressions and growth. So I understand the effect that such false, limiting, and self-critical psycho-emotional ‘templates’ can have on people, and how such (mostly unconscious) core, ‘root’ beliefs might get in the way of their ability to fully and confidently stand in their personal and professional power so as to create a meaningful ‘life vision’ that encourages and invites them to wholeheartedly go after their dreams – whatever those dreams might be.

A Few Of My Personal & Professional Accomplishments, Including Things I Learned To Do Relatively Late In Life:

  • I went from being a minimum-waged behavioral health employee in my late thirties to changing careers and becoming an award-winning Executive Recruiter making six figures at a Top 20 Start-Up in Silicon Valley in less than two years. Four years later, I had won the ‘Recruiter of the Year’ Award three years in a row.  I then went back to graduate school at the age of forty to further my education, and ended up becoming Core Faculty at this same educational institution shortly after graduating.
  • I was raised in a lower socioeconomic environment, where new clothes – new anything – were a luxury that I never took for granted. I have known in the past what it feels like to have no home to call my own, sleeping on the couches of friends. Today I live in my ‘dream’ house that I helped to design, a house that is located in my ‘dream’ environment, which would never have happened if I had not been willing to take the risks required in building three businesses from the ground up – businesses that have contributed to my overall long-term financial security and success.
  • I began singing classically and operatically in my thirties, eventually performing with a major, world-class symphony.
  • I started ballet in my thirties, despite having two knees that like to dislocate at inconvenient times.
  • I bought my first horse at the age of 48, and had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I do not recommend others go this route, but the lessons I learned (and continue to learn) as a horse owner and horse lover serve me and also my psychotherapy and life coaching clients well today. (By the way: Horses never lie, and are the most emotionally honest Beings I know).
  • I have won awards for my poetry and for my writing (essays, etc) since the age of 21.

Perhaps most importantly, both literally and figuratively: I have gotten ‘back up on (the) horse’ every time I have come off, which has not always been easy, physically, mentally, or emotionally. But I did it anyway, and the rewards of doing so have been more than worth any fear I had to go through to continue to do what I love – In this case, riding and spending time with my beloved equine companions. I apply this same ability to assess both risks and rewards when working with my life coaching clients, and now, I ask you the same questions I ask them: What do you most want to happen in your life? How badly do you want it? And what are you willing to do to get it? And how do you think you will feel once you achieve your goals and realize your dreams? Can you dare to imagine…? 

-Rebecca C. Mandeville, MA, MACP, MFT

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Rebecca C. Mandeville

Rebecca’s Professional Biography


Rebecca and her own personal equine ‘life coach’, Blue


Transformational Life Coach & Consultant at ChainFree Living Transformational Life Coaching & Consulting Services
Rebecca C. Mandeville, MA, MACP, is a Transformational Guidance Expert; award-winning Author; Educator; licensed Psychotherapist; and Guest Expert Speaker on the topic(s) of Transformational Living and Leadership. In 2016 she established her new Transformational Life Coaching and Consulting practice, ChainFree Living Transformational Life Coaching & Consulting Services, as well as the ChainFree Living International Community Forum, assisting individuals and organizations nationwide and internationally in their personal and professional development and growth. Her unique and very effective Transformational Life Coaching and Consulting services are designed to assist individuals in consciously reconnecting with their true self in support of genuinely awakened, authentic, embodied living. 

Rebecca is currently authoring a book, 'ChainFree Living: How To Break Free From The Chains Of Your Past And Step Into An Awakened NOW', which she anticipates being published in 2017.
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