If Desire were a box of chocolate



Desire is as intense as it is vital. If we were to near starve but did not desire to eat, we might just die. Without desire(s) there is no will to do great things. Desire is a tool that can promote the generation of skillful qualities and the abandonment of unskillful ones


Desire and fear oppose one another, yet come from the same part of the brain. We both long for, and fear the pursuit of anything that we chose to like.   

For the purpose of this text — please do imagine that you like all sweet things — A LOT!!!

Next imagine that you had to work only for food, and you had to work extra hard for every bite of sweet food you had ever tasted. You had never tasted chocolate, until one day — when you where feeling particularly hungry, and were craving a desert. You were used to being late for your food after putting in extra hours, meaning there were only penny sweets left as a desert. But on this particular day, your colleagues had became ill, and you struck lucky. 

There it was on a plate before you, you feast your eyes on this unknown object that sits there looking awesome in its shiny exterior, inciting all your curiosity and entrancing you. You are very eager to see what the package holds within. You untwist the edges and carefully remove its wrapper, there never had been a wrapper on a penny sweet. This is so exiting! The taste of the smell is invigorating and you anticipate the flavor. You close your eyes and breathe in slowly. The scent holds so much pleasure that it has a kind of power. You stick it in your mouth where an explosion of senses erupts. It's really.... reaaally — good.  

''Mmmmm, oh my God this is amazing... What the hell was that!'' — and then it is gone. 

You return to work the next day, determined that you will earn another bite. There is a catch. No matter how hard you work, they are not yours to taste unless they are placed on the table when it is your turn. You put your heart into everything you worked at, hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month — with some degree of success. You did work very well. There were sweets every day. But the treats that once left you satisfied do so no more; nothing else will do the same. It is painstaking. Part of you by this time wished you'd never tasted chocolate, you no longer enjoy the taste of sweets. You still work hard, and have a collection of sweets that you saved up day by day, because you can not even eat them anymore.  

Now that you know what chocolate is, you see that it is before your eyes every day, a box of chocolates on your bosses desk. They are the most stunning thing you ever did lay eyes upon, your stomach churns with the thought of them just being there, but they are far from your reach. You could never own them, they are not yours to own, however, you would be certain to work hard every day in the hope that you might receive another, and if you did you would sure as hell savor the flavor the second time round. You think if you could you would have them over, and over, and over again. You want the whole box, and you know you would thoroughly enjoy them more than anything.  

The boss saw you looking. ''Alright there kidda — I see you looking. If you do this job for me you can earn you a little reward.'' You are shocked yet thrilled. You are nervous yet exhilarated. The feeling is so intense that you worry that you won't do the job good enough. You want it to be as perfect as it can be.

When you are in the midst of planning your project you are told there is only one chocolate left, it will be saved for you if you do the job well. You know you can do the job well. You know that eating a full box of chocolates could be detrimental to your health, but you keep working hard until you are ready to treasure that last small bite....

Now that's one piece of chocolate you sure as hell won't forget!


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