USA & INDIA- Why not to ban Campaign Funding completely?



It is amazing to see that Politics in India and USA runs same to same.

Same Election Campaigns,Same TV Drama.

Same Money transactions and donations to candidates and Parties through Global Mafia syndicates-who from right hand donate to Politicians and through left support terrorists.

Political campaigns are so ridiculous that all the self respecting achievers in our countries  will never even think of entering in election process.

Why not to change it all in time of globalization and ban all kind of campaigns and commercial media selling- Let voters judge the candidates by their work contribution to nations and not on the basis of their projection as leaders.

Because whether you sell ,Narendra Modi,Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump-media selling is always confusing and depends upon who spends what?

And in finale count all politicians after getting elected works for people who funded them to power and not for people who voted them to power- so why not to end this all.

Why a person needs funds to fight election or why a party needs funds to get candidates elected?

And What is the use of such Political Parties and Politicians ,whom we fund on TAX PAYERS money and who send our children to fight in alien lands for OIL and to send to fight along with  'freedom fighters' this year and next year against them -by calling them 'Terrorists'?



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