The Takeaways of Solo Travel



My Perspective on The Matter

When going to a completely foreign land, it's always nice to have one perspective of the entire trip. Mine. That being said, the following points are what I feel the benefits are of travelling solo — because I personally experienced them that's why. You may disagree with some points, but I honestly couldn't care less.

1) Independence

Going alone means you are planning your own itinerary. Dates, times, modes of transport, accommodation, pit stops along travel routes and the almighty budgeting are all critical factors that determine whether your trip is going to be a comfortable one or not. Poor planning can leave you stranded, miserable and potentially killed (touch wood).

So, ain't it great to be in control over everything you want to do abroad and not have to be at constant disagreement with someone else over where to go, when to go, how to go, what to do, what to eat etc?

2) Gaining Travel Experience

After your first solo trip, you've already experienced situations that ended up costing you extra time and money, like missing a train because you had no idea which platform to go to and the train ended up departing without you, leaving you no choice but to purchase another ticket. Simplest advice I can give, just ask around.

Travel books and guides can only tell you so much. Once you've experienced things for real, that's where the real learning value is because you're going to remember all the bad decisions you've made in the previous trip and would be more cautious when planning your future trips.

3) Gaining New Perspective On The Way You See Things

A rustic view/ breathtaking scenery can trigger a whole lot of emotions and thoughts. They're usually tranquil in nature and helps put the mind at ease in some way. If you've spent most of your growing up years in a city or urban area where the pace of life is just ridiculously fast, demanding and stressful, then you're definitely going to see things alot differently once you've taken the time to just sit down and stare into the horizon of a sunset in an open pasture while observing the what else nature has in your surroundings.

4) A Chance To Reflect

Being able to relax in a peaceful atmosphere usually means there is time to do some personal reflection. It is a great opportunity to address many internal issues. Reflection doesn't mean coming up with an instant solution but rather, to acknowledge concerns and make plans on addressing them thereafter. It can be pretty effective when the environment is nice and quiet.

5) Great Networking Opportunity

While on the move, you are most definitely going to meet with other travellers as well as locals. We live in a globalized world today and it definitely wouldn't hurt or kill just to make small talk and exchange a couple of business cards, e-mail addresses or even mobile contact numbers. Who knows? You might eventually end up discussing potential business opportunities with someone — or if you're lucky enough, you might just meet a potential soul-mate.


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