The Dream



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If your life is but a film you watch one day, do you have a silent oath to fill it with wondrous moments?

I had a dream last night; I was walking in a soundless white desert with no wind blowing. The sky was a midnight blue and a silvery moon hung effortlessly in a cloudless sky.

In the distance, a small fire rose up, swirling and curling into the soundless sky.

Two figures dressed in jeans, and beige coats of sorts were seated upon chairs made from rocks, they hid their faces with scarves as I approached. I smiled and said, “Hello.”  They both at the same time replied, “Hello John, we have waited here for many a day to finally meet!”

Puzzled I asked, “Who are you?”

“I am your guardian angel.” Said the taller and more heavily built one, “and that,” he said pointing at the other, “is your spirit guide.” The smaller one shrugged.

“We were both with you the day you were born, and have always been with you. We always will be, and finally, we will enter the garden together when the time comes.”

I looked around. “Where are we?”

“We are in-between worlds John.”

I could not help but stare at the soundless midnight blue hue above us.

“The Ether of Nowhere but Everywhere, will you not sit with us for a minute or so, we don’t have long before you wake.”

I looked for somewhere to sit.

“We have a message. In this land we will meet again, we will sit here once more under the never changing sky. We will drink whiskey with which you never get drunk, smoke cigarettes which never harm, sit close to this hot fire which never burns, and upon the huge sky in front of us; we all together will watch a magnificent film.”

“A film?”

“Yes John, a magnificent film. Your life through your eyes and ours: we will show you all the parts you never saw. The hidden parts you always questioned, the lies, truths and many more. We will have so much to say. The days and nights do not matter here; we will have eternity if it takes. Ha-ha sit closer.”

His eyes were a pale blue, that much I can remember, intense but kind at the same time.

I looked over them both, those projections within my dream state and thought, “Is it true?”

“Yes John it is, we are outside of you and within, we watch, whisper and guide. Do not be scared, you still have a long time before we all meet here again. To sit, drink and smoke if you wish, and talk! Plenty of talk! My friend of my friends long departed, spoke of how it is such a wonderful film! I see you are getting scared, but this is but a dream! Remember, we have loved you from the day you were born until the day we can finally reveal who we really are! We are not allowed yet but a day will come. We will both visit you in other dreamscapes, her, and me and always try to guide you. Until then!”

I quickly stood up, looked left, the man I thought was a man, was a woman, and she winked with deep green eyes then they were both gone, leaving me in such a strange landscape — airless, soundless and lonely.

“Hey John! Wake up, tell your friends they are never truly alone.”

I awoke that morning with a ringing in my ears, where they both still here, silently watching me and smiling.

It makes one think, if your life is but a film you watch one day, do you have a silent oath to fill it with wondrous moments?

I hope so, it makes the film really worth watching!


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