Speculative Fiction Writing Class 1 — Character Generation



A prompt for developing exciting characters.

I know I am a month late for this one, but I figured I may as well include it as it was my first idea for my first speculative fiction class.


Pick a character from a piece you are working on or create an entirely new one from scratch; it’s up to you. Write a back story for this character and tie it in with your main story (if you have one), including details of why they are doing what they are doing. Start describing your character in detail, including everything from what they look like, how to they talk, what they wear, to any identifying marks such as scars or tattoos and hair colour. Think as if this character has mugged you, and you are giving a description to the police: be as thorough as possible. If your character has a certain way of talking that you can’t describe think of a movie character that talks in that same way and add it to the description. Start writing pieces of dialogue for this character using phrases that you envision them saying. The purpose of this exercise is to build up a solid character foundation that you can refer back to during the writing phase of your work, and too avoid similar dialogue.

See you next month.


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