What would you do in this situation?




Regarding the recent Washington Post article on a sister’s suicide,

I was asked what I would do if I were in the sister’s shoes…


Would I speak out about my sister’s suicide?

Would I keep such information private?



Here was my response:


Given my personal struggle with mental illness (including major depressive disorder),

I believe that I would be open about the entire situation.


Not being open is not being honest…?…

and not being honest about something as big as this

just doesn’t feel right to me.


I understand that there is such stigma attached to suicide,

but I think that honesty such as that displayed in this story

is the first step in really effectively combating such stigma.


Suicide is not an indicator of a ‘weak’ or ‘bad’ person,

as you can see here…


it is the tragic end of a beautiful life

consumed by the darkness of depression.


Depression literally can alter your mind

so that you perceive everything through a negative filter,

including yourself…


If a depressed mind is constantly telling you

that you are only a burden on others,

suicide is no longer seen as an ‘easy’, ‘selfish’ option,

in that mindset,

but a ‘selfLESS’ option.


That is how depression can alter one’s thinking.


It is a terrible condition that is NOT taken nearly as seriously

as it should be.


It is a terrifying one


it can strip you

of everything you are.


If more people open up about it,

maybe less people will hide it

and maybe more will be more willing to go seek professional help


I truly admire this level of openness and bravery.




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