Take Some Time for Living



Whether you're caught up in the rat-race of wage-slavery or just tethered to a smartphone, social media and the news, take some time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love.

There's a great line in an old song, "Time for Livin' " by a band called THE ASSOCIATION:

"I took off my watch and found I had all the time in the world."

This ushers us back to 50 years ago and the Summer of Love -- an era of peace and harmony associated with the Hippie movement of the 1960s; but really it was more part of global social consciousness where people were waking up to the absurdities of the rat-race, corporatism, bureaucracies, war, advertising and politics.

Mostly through pop music and "art films" there was a conveyance of the idea that there was more to life than putting on a suit and tie, and working most of your life (during the best hours of the day) with the main goal of accumulating stuff and paying bills for a place to store that stuff and to get even more and more stuff.

Pop culture also taught us that there was beauty in nature and life; and that we were all part of everything that surrounds us, and that love and friendship was all that really mattered.

Fast forward to recent years -- the last two decades -- and we see the complete opposite. The Hippies became Yuppies, love was replaced with hate, materialism and consumerism are held in high esteem, and people spend most of their lives tethered to a smartphones, or other technological devices, and are mindlessly caught up in social media and political news.

This is a nightmare for anyone who felt the sun on their face and walked barefoot in a field with someone they loved. And yes, I bet some people reading that sentence right now, cringed a bit, because it seems so foreign or "cheesy" to their present day reality. I hope that wasn't you.

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love this year -- and I do hope someone else besides me does -- it would be great if people took some time for living. We're so caught up these days in obsessing over politics and pop icons. Hey, they're just people for crying out loud; and in the grand scheme of things, the less you pay attention to them, the less powerful and influential they'll become. Real empowerment comes from self-empowerment and a sense of community -- people living and working together to improve the lives of those they love, and those around them.

If we'd all stop for a week and let our smartphone battery lose its charge, and if we'd also abandon social media during that time; and take some time off to experience each other and all that surrounds us, there'd be a groundswell of love beyond most people's wildest imaginations.

Yeah, I know it sounds idealistic and even stupid to some people; but let me tell you, I've done just that, and my life has been getting better by the minute -- and I don't even wear a watch to count them. Peace!


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