USA Voters being duped by Hilary



It is clear that Hilary Clinton is fooling USA Voters,She is playing upon Insecurity of Voters to convert USA into Corporate puppet of her financiers.

It seems after electing a war criminal like J Bush as president twice USA Voters have lost common sense,it is purely corruption and nothing else to allow Hilary Clinton as presidential candidate. Moreover  Barrack Obama  polarizing Black voters in favor of this lady is infinitely unfortunate.

Hilary and Obama during last 5 years have openly allowed Terrorism and Racial Violence.

Now what is the reason to believe these guys?

Everyone knows that CIA and FBI has become more ridiculous by almost playing in hands of these two and not exposing  EMAIL Scandal.

It is shameful that in a country like USA,people like George Bush and Hilary are not in jail in spite of literally selling national interest to Terrorists and not Profiling Muslim Terrorists on the name of human rights.

USA in grave danger if Politicians like Hilary charge millions of Dollars from MNC and allow these companies to spoil USA Economy and employment.

These are the people who have made education costly and life of soldiers cheap.

Look at Higher Education fees and increasing numbers of top and lower jobs being allotted to India and other countries,who are literally taking over American higher education and penetrating in USA decision making process because they are financing Hilary Clinton .

Does USA Voter taking this into account  or ready to allow a great nation being dominated and exploited on the name of threat from USSR.

Which is a propaganda of USA Intelligence and politicians. 

If same USA once could partner with TALIBAN,whats wrong in partnering with USSR?

Time for USA to wake up from Political slumber.




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