A Ten-Year Retrospective of Technique and Theatrics



BalletX’s ten-year celebration was a thank-you note to Philadelphia.

Ballet X’s spring season opened the vault to ten years of ballets, revealing the company’s artistic evolution and commitment to providing complete theatrical experiences. From the wing-wearing dancers in Frequencies (Matthew Neenan 2005) to the speedy virtuosity of Gran Partita (Jorma Elo 2014), Cox and Neenan’s ability to locate and collaborate with artists of diverse choreographic backgrounds is impressive.

Watching excerpts of the company’s ten-year history, it became more clear to me that BalletX was not just about the steps; it was about how those steps are brought to life using all things theatrical.

I like you different (Cox and Neenan 2007) was a suggestive duet with a pinch of comedy. This playful duet, danced by Francesca Forcella and Zachary Kapeluck, showcased a relaxed physicality. From the frisky foot play to the energetic pelvic thrusts performed by Kapeluck, the audience expressed its appreciation in the form of loud chuckles. The work climaxed when Forcella sat with her back to the audience while Kapeluck stood facing her. Upon turning to face front, Forcella wiped her mouth, sending the audience into uproarious laughter. Read more.

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