The Learner's Monologue III



We Can Live Without Our Friends, But Not Without Our Neighbours

It is oft said that a good friend is the medicine of life. In fact, in this life, when a dust enters your eyes it is a friend that is supposed to remove it for you. But friends, like almost everything, don’t last forever; twenty friends don’t play for twenty years! That is why at some point in our life, we may have to do the business of living without the presence of even our ‘time-tested’ friends but at every point of our lives our neighbours always feature whether we like it or not because man was created to interact, no man is an island. That is why living without our neighbor is much harder than living without our friend.

A friend may always be at your call, but no one comes to your aid faster than a neighbour who lives where you live. A friend can even be a friend in need and indeed, but a neighbour, whether friend or foe, is a person that is close to your jugular, and is by virtue of that position a friend adhoc.

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