Muslims must stop children from becoming Terrorist Puppets



Muslim Parents must wake up and smell disaster,as 705 of terrorists are Educated Muslim Youth,its time for Muslim Parents to introspect on social and religious values they are imparting in children.

It is neither governments nor the injustice but Muslim Family and social religious systems failure ,which provided Terrorists with thousands of Educated youth to spread mass murder.

If our son becomes Terrorist ,we can not blame each and everyone in the world but spare our poor family fabric and religious,social values that we imparted to our children.

We are no one to teach Muslim parents about parenting but what they must understand that all Muslims being looked as potential terrorists all over the world and this makes reputation of religion and Muslim society vulnerable to hate Crime.

There is immense anger against Muslim Society evident all over the Europe and USA and this is not some kind of prejudice but reaction in masses regarding role of educated Muslim Youngsters in organized Terrorism in the countries,which provided all human rights and better living to Muslims and even immigrants Muslims, here people think that why only Muslim youth is part of terror network without any reason ,as what has Belgium or France did against Local Muslims that youngsters are bombing public places.

Muslims living in these countries must understand that their religious beliefs can not be more important then their duty as citizens,they are French or American first and Muslims later and what is happening in Syria can't be a reason for them to do violence in France.

If Muslim Parents quickly do not reform their children and make them see the point, Muslims will be in clear danger of not being allowed in any civilized country across globe.

And what will educated Muslim do in Pakistan or Afghanistan or Bangladesh?

Terrorism is only available occupation their  and these governments and citizens are also sick of Islamic Terrorists striking Schools and killing Muslim Children in Pakistan.

So its already late for Muslim parents but right now also they can wake up and smell disaster.

They must chose between Misinterpreted Islamic Preachers and constitution of country which provides them work and shelter.

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