A little history lesson



A member of AARP compares the zeitgeist of WWII Germany to the current status of the United States

I think it makes sense to have a little history lesson from a card carrying member of AARP. A lot of young people today don't know much about our past both because some of the writing concerning events seems to belong more in fiction and because it seems quite popular nowadays to ignore documented fact. Many arguments I have seen seem to have a goal of finding out which person can shout loudest and longest. Folks, just because it's loud doesn't make it right.

At any rate, I know about the events surrounding WWII quite well. I was not yet on this Earth but many of my relatives were. On the front lines. I have studied it through media, writings and interviews and newsreels. In short, the reason why the Third Reich was viable at ALL was because Germany as a whole was disillusioned, didn't believe in much of anything, was battered and humiliated in the Great War and needed validation.

Compare this situation with America today. We the people have spent the past couple of centuries putting our trust in just about everything other than ourselves and have been betrayed and hurt every time. We are disillusioned. We do not believe in much of anything either. We have been battered by two decades of war and global disdain and psychologically, we require validation. Sound familiar?

Hitler promised Germany that validation and gave them something and someone to believe in. We have candidates today promising us the same things. But do we really want validation at the cost of millions of lives of those people whose only crime is that their heritage is different than the"Master Race"? Do we need to place our trust in leaders who claim that they are the only way to save us?

Why can't we believe in ourselves and accept the fact that there is no "them" vs. "us", that absolute terms such as"everyone" "always", "never" and"nobody" mean very little and that fear is our worst enemy? Is it possible that we are capable of analytical thinking to the point where we are immune to emotional manipulation? Haven't we as a world learned something during the past 70 or so years?

I don't want likes or insipid comments here. I want you to read this, think about it, study the information available and draw your own informed conclusions. You are intelligent, mature and capable individuals. You deserve a chance to believe in yourselves and take a stand for your respective causes. Just make sure that these causes are truly your own, by free choice. And learn from the past. Avoid those mistakes. Go out and make your own.

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