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about free-book promo, and a "non-sequitur"

Free books…free books….free books….that’s what this blog is about and I don’t know how to make the topic interesting except by taking a running jump out of the nearest window – which wouldn’t achieve much given I’m writing on the ground floor of a one-floor house on “the dark side of Pattaya” (as it is affectionately called) which at present is a very sunny side, it being 4 p.m. on a blistering afternoon in early June.

Self-publishing on Kindle gives authors the chance to promote their books free for a certain number of days. Although late news for “Darkest Kiss”, the free promotions are as follows:

1 — 4 June free

4 — 7 June free

7 — 10 June free

10 — 14 June free

That is three novels and a collection of previously published poems going for free from Jonathan Finch. (Search the title, get the date right, and the ebook will be FREE.) Of course I do hope you will read and even enjoy the blighters.

That’s about it but true to the spirit of blogging, can I just mention the following which you will think is a non-sequitur but is on my mind? A few hours ago I attended the Pattaya City Expats Club and there was a talk by a private eye, karate expert, detective, policeman. He told us he escaped from a hotel three hours before it was blown up, that contracts were out on his life, that his wife had told the wrong gangster she was attached to him (the criminal world could get at him through her), how bullets, entering human targets, make their victims jerk in well-known ways…that sort of thing. After his talk I asked him whether he was paranoid, whether he was ever frightened, what comprised the essence of a man. He answered me well and with bravado. During his talk he had mentioned fun, impersonating Elvis, lots of stunts, and he had exhibited photos of masters of martial arts, awards, black criminals he had thwacked good and proper. Though I compared his life to a Shakespearean tragedy, I didn’t really get near the mark and his ego, and I never asked him whether he was a sadist. Why? Well, you just can’t plough on with too many personal questions for too long at Pattaya Expat meetings or everyone will think you odd.

Nobel prize-winner after about half a century.

Think me odd if you will but I don’t like murderers standing up in front of old men and entertaining us with violent bravado.Finally, why write all this when advertising books for free? Well, at least four of them are about bullets, murder, treachery, paranoia and sadism. Why are these practitioners of Roman circus never brought to book? You are odd if you want to bring them to book. Better to write books and promote them, the books, for free.

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