Bullying against children and teenagers LGBT in schools.



Explaining the creation of a member of this community and how to make them feel better with themselves.

To begin showing to you my idea and my point of view I want to explain how all begins.

We are not born with sexual preference set up in our brains, no matter what our sexual anatomy is.

When we are born our brains are completely empty, with any kind of information in it, so, during our process of development and growth, we are learning everything taking it from what surround us and the experiences we have between 1-6 years old, in that way, we start learning our for example, native language, the morals, the values that begin establishing our behaviors, the way of handle the life and treat people.

During that time also, we start seeing what the rules of life in our society and we should get involved with people of it, so we start imitating the behaviors to automatically feel that we make part of the culture of our society.  

However, no common events tend to happen in our childhood time, we always play with friends and interact with people of our own sex from different ages and sometimes, we have a very close physical approach in a private place or away from people with any of our friends or one of the adults who surround us.

We as children got carried along by inertia of what is going on, because as we still have a humble mind we don't even know if what's happening is right or wrong, we just see it as a normal game.

So then, it becomes an action that we like to perform with our partner, because we feel for the first time that sensation that gets under our skin and it feels good to us, it's is called ''pleasure of the sense of touch''.

What really is happening is that the feeling produced by that experience gets into our nervous system and travels through its threads arriving in our brain and creating a new like or preference in it, so starting from that time on, the brain begins liking what it sees through the sight.

That's how straight people also define their type of person of their opposite sex and the same thing happens with the LGBT people.

Then, with the union of others different personal experiences and physical genre they turn their being into one of 4 sexual  preferences, Lesbian, when the a young girl doesn't have any other experience with somebody of their opposite sex, the same thing happens with the Gay, Bisexual, when a person have experiences with genres in the same period of time, however their preferences are never going to be balanced in 50/50, always there's going to be a higher preference for one of the genres, normally it depends of with which one they made contact first, the first one will be their main preference but they always are going to like the other genre and finally the Transgender are people who don't feel themselves identified with their own genre because when they were young felt attracted by women stuff and used to play with the toys that were assigned only to the female genre, also wear their clothes and make-up so they decided to look always like them.

I don't have any prejudice for that because for me it is totally normal, it makes part of the human nature and I raised myself with an open mind, I remember that when I was a child I used to watch T.A.T.U's videos and since that time for me it's normal to see 2 girls together as a couple.

The problem is that actions like bullying, the outcast and the tease still remain in schools, I don't know how the things work in the USA, the only thing I know is that it's a multicultural country, however I have seen videos in YouTube of American parents still complaining that their children are being victims of bullying at school and I also follow American accounts on Twitter that are promoting to stop bullying of this community.

But what I worry the most, is about children who are being discriminated and judged in schools all the time, because it's causing a problem in their mental health getting lower their self-esteem that in so much cases has caused that they decide to finish with their lives because of the pressure they feel and to stop suffering.

And that's not fair, because as I already told you a human being doesn't choose what it likes, it comes to it.

So being LGBT is not a choice, and we should teach our sons how the human nature works and to respect people differences, it also, will help them to enhance their level of education and will improve the environment and learning process in the classroom.


Janer A, Goenaga

Foreign Languages Teacher And Author.

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