Let's Wake up before our children become Terror Recruits?



Explore the world of Young victims of Slave Trade,Drugs,Organized Crime,Mafia &Terrorist Syndicates across world.Victims are spread across India,Pakistan,UAE,USA,FRANCE & EUROPE. Let's join the war against ideologies of Mass Murder. Book Preview- "CRIMINAL BY CHOICE"- Author-Anirudh Dhodapkar

Let's wake up and accept the fact that this or that kind of Terror ideology is knocking the door.Organized crime is not only for hardcore criminals these days,terrorism and different aspects of Muslim,Christian ,Hindu,Nazi Ideologies are very much affecting our youngsters.

No one has this data anywhere that how many of youngsters are being recruited to interconnected Drugs,Mafia,Terror syndicates,not only in Muslim but all countries all over the world.

Human Trafficking is a known phenomenon on the name of job opportunities and immigration.

Terrorist Recruits have easy assess to youngsters via social media and social media doing everything else but to generate awareness against such campaigns through which Terror Recruits identify their potential recruits.

Almost before a decade and half ,Indian Mafia is fully integrated with Pakistani breed of terrorism and

in both the countries including UAE,terrorists are working side by side to gangsters.And NOW SAME IS HAPPENING IN EUROPE AND USA.

This is dangerous ,as we see ISIS trading girls and human organs and many famous hospitals and Doctors might be their clients.

CRIMINAL BY CHOICE explores the worldwide organized crime, where Terrorism has married with Drugs,Flash trade and Syndicated gambling.

Thousands of Youngsters, who were either attracted by 'thrill' or tricked into 'trap' are trying hard to come out of such networks- one such story of two Indian sisters is CRIMINAL BY CHOICE,who are sold to slavery in India Pakistan world of Politically Sponsored Global Terrorist Network.

Let's just think for a while ,what if Terrorism tomorrow knocks the minds of our children and what will we do then?

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