50 Killed -MODI-The new face of RSS and Fasism



It is beginning of rise of Fascism,When Government begins to control your Bank Accounts and encroach your Human rights.PM of India began it.


No one in Democratic world has ever did it but Narendra Modi is doing this from a fortnight,keeping the India under financial dictatorship-while leaving true declared Bank fraudsters leaving to UK .

On the name of draining out black money,this government has  sealed peoples accounts,leaving and rationing the withdrawal from our own bank accounts.

Condition is so pathetic that people are dying in miles long Bank cues and people are being asked to die more on the name of flushing out BLACK MONEY.

By the way why you need to stop tax payers  and bank account holders from withdrawals?

History of parent organization of Indian Ruling party, RSS is history of igniting communal violence in India from many years,now the party has Democratic power and  moving forward to its communal agenda of dividing the nation,between poor and rich.

World must watch its democratic leaders before the go to MODI way. 

These are the politicians ,who on the name of saving poor, make them pay all the costs to leave real scam sters away from public eye.

Government is so ruthless that even the death of people in Bank Lines is not recognized as mistake and blunder of Government ,which is harassing the people to no end when they go to withdraw their own money and making withdrawal limit so low that poor of India feel more humiliated.

This is how Hitler's and dictators are born- abusing by public vote.



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