The Traveler's List



This is a tool to reference for those wanting to get out in the world. It's a list of items you may find handy while at the same time keeping the contents of your pack as light as possible. It even includes a list for your furry best friend!

This is the list of items I carry with me on my travels. Listed are two sections: one for me and one for Cyprus. This is an early list that will continuously be updated as I test my items for usefulness and practicality. If you're just starting out hiking and traveling, be aware that you'll probably pack heavy at first. As time goes on you'll realize you don't need or use certain things and you'll toss them. Therefore, I've listed stuff I've tossed as well, crossed out as so, in case you think you may need them. Remember that everyone's list is very personalized, and as trial and error goes on you'll discover what you need and don't need, and which things can be used for multiple purposes. So good luck to you all and have fun! :3




- Backpack

- Sleeping bag

- Air mattress

- Platypus water pack

- 1 person tent

- Journal/pen

- Phone/charger

Solar-powered phone charger

- Water filter/ tablets

- Paracord (bear-line)

- Headlight


- 4-6 days

- Food bag


- Toothbrush/paste

- Divacup/ tampons (7)/ pantyliners


- Hand Shovel

- Toilet paper (1 roll w/o cardboard middle)

- Biodegradable antiseptic wipes


- Inhaler

- Epipen (2)

- Ibuprofen/maletonin/ allergy pills

- First Aid

            - Bandages

            — Antiseptic wipes

            - Fish hook/ line

            — Heat reflective blanket

            — Tweezers

- Needle/thread


- Lighter (2)

- Waterproof matches

- Pocket Rocket

- Fuel canister for PR (2)

- Cotton fire-starters (emergency-only)


- Rain: Frogger jacket/pants (outter layers)

- Base layer: leggings/ long-sleeve under-armor

- Outer hiking clothes: pants-to-shorts/ jacket (water-wicking)

- Outer camp clothes: basket-ball shorts/ cackies/ tank-top

- Socks (3 pairs) (1 for sleeping, 2 for hiking (hiking pairs rotate every other day))

- Sock liners (2 pairs)

- Shemagh (scarf/ windbreaker/ extra warmth/ get wet to cool down in heat/ anti-bug face-net/ badass fashion/ etc.)





- Tactical Dog Vest

- Attachable pouches for vest

- Orange reflective strip for vest

- Food (4 — 6 days)

- Leash/ prong collar

- License/ dog info/ vet info/ shots info/ etc.

- First Aid:

             - Bandages

             - Tic-remover

             - Antiseptic wipes





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